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Tiptop Free Webspace Hosting

On the hosting marketplace, a phenomenon named free web hosting still exists. For what purposes can the free-of-cost web hosting service be used?

Estimate your web design skills

When I'm launching a small web project, I normally pick a cost-free website hosting package and then shift to a professional paid one if I opt to carry on expanding the web site project. So for me, the free-of-charge hosting platform is great to start with, whether to test a new idea, to evaluate your web development abilities or just to bring your small web site project online. But, beyond a doubt, I wouldn't use a free web hosting services provider for a larger web site project, since free web hosting accounts usually have many limitations.

Why is the free web hosting service free?

One of the reasons why the free web hosting solution is good solely for testing purposes or little web projects is the circumstance that the free web hosts put banner advertisements on your websites. The advertisements permit the web hosting corporations to offer you the free-of-cost hosting service, because the advertisements subsidize the web host and pay the bills related to the maintenance of the web hosting servers. If you think about it, not paying a monthly or annual tax and having an ad on your site instead is not such a bad thing, if you own a small-scale personal web portal or simply desire to check your web design capabilities. Some hosting firms such as FreeHostia, though, do not force ads on your web sites, but you can maintain just one single free-of-charge website hosting account with them.

Restrictions of the cost-free web hosting solution

Charge-free web hosting plans, however, usually have restrictions in regard to the sort of sites you can launch and the size of the files you can upload. FreeHostia, for example, allows you to store no more than 5000 files in your free-of-cost account and does not permit you to upload files larger than 500 kilobytes. You are also restricted by the amount of server hard disk storage space that you can avail of, so although you can have up to ten domain names, you can only have small sites that do not include large files. The free hosting plans give you File Transfer Protocol access, but it can be used solely for handling your website files and you cannot use it for file hosting or file sharing purposes. You should also bear in mind that if your hosting user account stays idle for more than 30 days, it will be instantaneously discontinued to liberate some disk storage space on the web hosting distributor's web servers for other free web hosting customers.

What if the free-of-cost website hosting service is insufficient?

If the cost-free website hosting account you are having is restricting you too much, FreeHostia offers you the opportunity to move to a moderately priced website hosting package without having to transfer your hosting account to a different hosting server. Their Starter plan is available for only $ USD/month if you prepay for 12 months, which is downright cheap! It includes an in-built online website builder and an extremely handy single-click PHP-powered script installation tool that can make your life much easier, so it's absolutely worth it to upgrade your charge-free web hosting account if you want to have no file size restrictions and to receive additional bonuses.

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